Friday, August 23, 2013

Starting Fresh.

So. I used to blog. About a lot of things. My children. My childhood. Overcoming childhood abuse. Overcoming infertility. My faith. My lack of faith. Carrying a baby to term that would die. My grief after losing him. I used to love to write, and then I stopped. Not for lack of audience, but for the wrong kind.

Nosey church members found my blog. The kind that gossip and judge and tell you that you're not doing good enough. Family members found my blog. And not the kind of supportive family members that everyone dreams about. The pain in your ass kind. The "why are you not over your dead baby" kind.

Many of my loss friends had gone on to have Rainbow babies and I had miscarriage after miscarriage. I was angry and I just did not feel like people wanted to read what I had to say. So I quit. I started a business where I could channel my grief in a different way. A way that was giving and loving. And while I LOVE love L O V E my work,I find myself needing more. A way to connect. A way to share my true heart with the women in this sisterhood we all belong to now.

Burying a newborn changed me. Watching my family hit rock bottom changed me. Being stuck in that dark place changed me. My healing heart as changed me. My heavenly son has changed me. Not everyone gets those changes, but you do, I suspect. So I've decided to share again - - to let Baby Boards and this blog become an extension of the Misty I really am, so that you can get to know that person, too.

I look forward to traveling this road with you - let's make a HUGE change happen,

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  1. I am also a surviving mother. I burying one child and had a miscarriage. I am so glad that you have found your will to write again. We all need our niche to deal with our grieves. Good luck with your blog as you begin a new.